Since Aicardi Goutieres Syndrome (AGS) discovered in 1984, important steps have been taken to diagnose the disease and identify the gene mutations. However, no cure has been found yet.

Currently, there are more than 400 patients diagnosed with AGS in entire world. 


1984: Jean Aicardi and Francoise Goutieres first  identified the disease as a genetic disorder  and distinguished from a inflammatory condition. 

1988: Pierre  Lebon detected interferon alpha in CSF of AGS patients. 

2000: Yanick Crow discovered the first gene responsible for AGS.

Research Milestones 

Nature is nowhere accustomed more openly to display her secrete mysteries than in cases where she shows traces of her workings apart from the beaten path; nor is there any better way to advance the proper practice of medicine than to give our minds to the discovery of the usual law of nature by the careful investigation of cases of rarer forms of disease.

Dr. William Harvey, Circa 1657